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 Now that I'm back online...

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PostSubject: Now that I'm back online...   Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:09 pm

I wasn't here so I'd like to throw in my own 2 cents (or ZP w/e)

Imagine my surprise to enter a CW after not being on for...I dunno, a week or 2? Then to find out that a member WAS going to get banned from CW for a week (which was changed because they weren't warned 1st, so it was just a warning). Then to find out I was no longer an LT, nice wake up call.
I've just read all the replies to the thread, and Draft, Milos, first and foremost I wish you well. I hope everything works out for you. I've just been through many a change in my life just recently, but I'm finally getting back on my feet and being thankful for all that I do have.
So...as for the LT spots, some communication would have been nice for all, BUT...it is the Clan Leader's choice. Do I agree/like it? Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, and I'll hold most of mine back. I do agree that the LT spots should be for people that are active in our community, but by active I mean actually being there participating, and not just in game alone. We have the game yes, but there's also vent, the forums, and w/e. Hell, I found a ventrilo app for my phone and was chatting with Clan members from my work's parking lot after work for crying out loud, mostly because I wanted to stay active in our community even though I couldn't be online much due to school and starting a new job.
Brandon or whoever mentioned about some LT's making kick lists and everything, but seriously, why is that such a hot topic to begin with??? Brandon recruited me into this clan and since I've come a long way. I've picked up a couple tricks, made more of my own, and taught a few, but in the end, everyone has gotten something out of this clan, and have bettered themselves. So why are we worried about kicking people so much? If someone's inactive for so long, fine, deal with it accordingly. But how about helping others up to the level they can be, concentrating on the ones we do have.
I have to cut this short because I need to get to work, but I do think this is going to hurt some people more than others. I will support the decision but like many, I may or may not like it. This is the 1st real clan I've been in, but while I know there are so much more out there, it's my family too. I'll see you in game some time, night all.

"Always Cold"
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Now that I'm back online...
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